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  Alberta fall expropriation conference goes virtual 2020-09-17
  Canadian Energy Regulator Act comes into force 2019-08-28
  Federal Cabinet approves reconsidered Trans Mountain Expansion Project 2019-06-21
  N.E.B. delivers Trans Mountain reconsideration report to federal government 2019-02-22
  National Energy Board issues schedule for Trans Mountain reconsideration hearing 2018-10-12
  Federal Cabinet refers Trans Mountain conditions back to N.E.B. for reconsideration 2018-09-20
  Federal Court of Appeal decision halts Trans Mountain Expansion Project 2018-08-30
  Energy East pipeline project cancelled 2017-10-05
  Clash of the fall conferences continues 2017-10-04
  Detailed route hearing process now underway for Trans Mountain Expansion Project 2017-10-04
  Federal Cabinet approves Trans Mountain Expansion Project 2016-11-29
  Evergreen Line to commence operation 2016-11-07
  Clash of the fall conferences 2016-06-11
  N.E.B. recommends conditional approval of Trans Mountain Expansion Project 2016-05-19
  Arbutus Corridor agreement reached 2016-03-07
  Energy East project application submitted to National Energy Board 2014-10-30
  Trans Mountain pipeline project application submitted to National Energy Board 2013-12-16
  AEA Website updated 2011-09-27
  B.C. surface rights changes 2010-10-19
  Schumacher appeal dismissed 2007-11-20
  Former ALCB Chairman's wrongful dismissal action dismissed 2006-11-07
  Alberta property rights group forms 2006-09-16
  Calgary LRT extension projects underway 2006-05-06
  A.E.A. Spring Dinners 2006-05-05
  B.C. Board releases final decision 2006-03-25
  Arbutus Corridor decision clarifies constructive expropriation remedy 2006-02-24
  New Alberta L.C.B./S.R.B. Chair appointed 2006-02-22
  B.C. Expropriation Compensation Board to be dissolved by year end 2005-03-22
  Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation to merge 2004-11-24
  Tomshak case goes back to Alberta Board 2004-11-08
  B.C. Expropriation Act changes announced 2004-10-04
  B.C. Vice-Chair job posting 2003-06-06
  Early Dispute Resolution in British Columbia? 2002-11-11
  O.E.A. Fall Seminar 2002 program released 2002-09-23
  Alberta Conference concludes under sunny skies 2002-09-22
  A.E.A. Fall Seminar 2002 program released 2002-09-18
  B.C.E.A. Fall Seminar 2002 program released 2002-09-08
  Toronto Airport wireless dispute 2002-07-08
  G8 Summit compensation policy announced 2002-06-08
  Fraser River Crossing project moves ahead 2002-05-13
  Alberta Expropriation Association surfaces on Internet 2002-04-21
  Urban renewal in Kitchener 2002-04-16
  Nanoose judgment to be appealed 2002-03-25
  Nanoose expropriation set aside 2002-03-08
  British Columbia E.C.B. to take on mediation role 2002-02-13
  Rawcliffes lose on regulatory taking claim 2002-02-10
  Right of way delay costs BC $36 million 2002-02-09
  SCC determines status of 1957 Indian reserve expropriation 2002-01-20
  Gas station operator awarded relocation costs 2001-12-09
  Proposed Species at Risk Act vague on compensation 2001-12-04
  Sale to the authority not good evidence of market value 2001-12-03
  Searching the website 2001-12-02
  Soil contamination ignored in gas station valuation 2001-11-30
  Directory for expropriation professionals 2001-11-03
  Sempra Energy surrenders Nova Scotia franchise 2001-10-10
  Further gas pipeline projects announced 2001-10-07
  Ontario expropriation event set for October 25 & 26 2001-09-23
  Expropriation seminar details announced 2001-09-09
  New features added 2001-08-12
  B.C. Administrative Justice Project announced 2001-08-12
  Calgary Stampede expansion plan requires land acquisition 2001-07-29
  Kamloops diking dispute 2001-07-28
  Nova Scotia gas distribution system in jeopardy 2001-06-02
  Americans express concern over Georgia Strait Crossing project 2001-05-12
  Georgia Strait Crossing applications filed 2001-05-04
  Pickering Airport project deferred indefinitely 2001-05-03
  Urban developers discuss fish protection impacts 2001-04-05
  Columbia River Treaty expropriation survives validity challenge 2001-03-25
  Is the global reasonableness test dead? 2001-03-09
  Rapid growth in TELC site visits now documented 2001-03-04
  C.R.T.C. rejects communications right-of-way licence fees 2001-02-14
  Lost developer's profit recovered in Guelph 2001-02-10
  Compensation for downzoning 2001-02-09
  Halifax lease dispute delays expropriation 2001-01-27
  Additional Fish Protection Act measures take effect 2001-01-24
  Tariff cases lead the way in 2001 2001-01-23
  Annual IRWA conference in Vancouver this year 2001-01-22
  British Columbia E.C.B. year end review 2001-01-13
  City of St. John's escapes liability in snow melt case 2001-01-06
  In Victoria, a deal may not be a deal 2000-12-17
  Advertising opportunities 2000-12-12
  Spur Valley water rights dispute 2000-12-11
  Glendale appeal to proceed 2000-11-25
  Ingham v. Creston off to appeal again 2000-11-23
  Municipal forestry regulations struck down 2000-11-21
  expropriationlaw.ca 2000-11-19
  Musqueam lease dispute ends 2000-11-09
  Should owners bear the cost of stream protection? 2000-11-06
  Using mediation to settle expropriation cases 2000-11-03
  Tariff is further clarified 2000-10-31
  Turriff speaks out on tariffs 2000-10-28
  B.C.E.A. Seminar 2000 filling up fast 2000-10-23
  Tariff costs: separate or shared? 2000-09-15
  First B.C. tariff decision is released 2000-04-20
  B.C. Adopts New Tariff of Costs 1999-07-05
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