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November 19, 2000
The Expropriation Law Centre is pleased to announce that it has now obtained its own domain name, "expropriationlaw.ca". Effective immediately, the Expropriation Law Centre is located at the URL: "http://www.expropriationlaw.ca".

Please bookmark this new URL so that you can continue to find us and keep current on developments in Canadian expropriation law. Although our old URL (http://www3.telus.net/expropriation) can still be accessed, all of the content has been moved to the new location. The old site will remain in service solely to redirect site visitors.

You may also have noticed that the name of the website has been altered slightly by insertion of the word "Law". This change was made to provide a more descriptive name for the website and to be consistent with the new domain name.

For those who have been following recent developments with the Internet regulations governing Canadian domain names ending in ".ca", you will be aware that a number of new rules took effect on November 8, 2000. The Expropriation Law Centre, like many other small specialized websites, had been eagerly awaiting the new rules. The old rules were too restrictive to permit adoption of our choice for a distinctively Canadian name. We anticipate the new name will allow expansion of the services offered on this website and continued growth in the number of visitors. The Expropriation Law Centre welcomes any comments or other feedback you may have about these changes. Please E-mail your comments to publisher@expropriationlaw.ca .

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