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A Forensic Appraisers Perspective: Government Overpaid for Land Relying on Unauthorized Appraisal Tony Sevelka
Abandonment and Disposition of Expropriated Lands Shane Rayman
Airport noise: Nuisance and the defence of statutory authority George C. Carruthers
Alberta Case Law Update - 2018 Donald P. Mallon
Alberta Case Law Update - 2019 Donald P. Mallon
An Analysis of Partial Takings and Contributory Value in the Context of Various Court Decisions Tony Sevelka
Appraisal Standards and Professional Negligence Claims Tony Sevelka
ATCO Electric compensation policy Webmaster
Bison Pipeline project Webmaster
Business Disturbance Damages Rick Mertens
Canada Expropriation Appraisal Guidelines Public Works and Government Services Canada
City of Calgary real estate acquisition procedures Webmaster
Co-operation between landowners brings pipeline power Paul G. Vogel
Comments on expropriation in Nova Scotia Peter Landry
Compensation for coinage changes? Brian Martell
Compensation for G8 Summit Conference losses J. Bruce Melville
Compulsory purchase of farmland: identifying severance and injurious affection claims Roger Gibbard
Cost recovery in Alberta Donald P. Mallon
Cost recovery under the British Columbia Tariff of Costs J. Bruce Melville
Cost recovery under the British Columbia Tariff of Costs: Update 2001 J. Bruce Melville
Discussion Proposal for a New Expropriation Act (a.k.a. the 1982 Green Paper) Province of British Columbia
Expert evidence before administrative tribunals Jonathan Baker
Expropriation and Condemnation: The Larger Parcel Tony Sevelka
Expropriation of farm land in Alberta Donald P. Mallon
Expropriation of security interests J. Bruce Melville
Expropriation requires legislation J. Bruce Melville
Hearings of Necessity - An Overview Shane Rayman
Highway Gazetting in British Columbia J. Bruce Melville
Incidental damages - a uniquely Albertan approach Donald P. Mallon
Injurious affection in the absence of a taking Robert S. Cosburn
Intervenor funding in National Energy Board proceedings Paul G. Vogel
Landowner hazards in natural gas storage and production leases Paul G. Vogel
Loss of access J. Bruce Melville
New directions for the Board in case management and early dispute resolution British Columbia Expropriation Compensation Board
New Principles / New Language Stephen F. WaquĆ©
Ontario Hydro property and compensation policies Webmaster
Partial Taking Expropriation: The Remainder Tony Sevelka
Pre-taking disturbance damage claims in Ontario Jeff Goldstein
Quantifying a business loss Bob McNally
Regulatory expropriations: takings without compensation? Alan Macek
Regulatory takings in Canada J. Bruce Melville
Report No. 12 Expropriation Alberta Law Reform Institute
Report No. 41 Compensation for Security Interests in Expropriated Land Alberta Law Reform Institute
Report on Expropriation Law Reform Commission of British Columbia
Report on Expropriation Law Reform Commission of Canada
Site valuation - a reassessment of the adjustment process Brian S. Gettel
Status of property rights in Canada Karen Selick
Statutory rights of way in British Columbia J. Bruce Melville
Streamside Protection Regulation, The J. Martin Kyle
Surface restoration problems following pipeline construction Paul G. Vogel
Surface rights - representing the owner J. Darryl Carter
Tax - a compensation issue Donald P. Mallon
The government taketh away Donald P. Mallon
Use of ''Integrity Dig Agreements'' on pipeline rights of way Paul G. Vogel
Using the Internet to find expropriation resources Webmaster
Valuation of conservancy interests Donald P. Mallon
What is expropriation? J. Bruce Melville
When is Subdivision the Highest and Best Use? Tony Sevelka
Whose land was it anyway? The Crichel Down Rules and the sale of public land Roger Gibbard
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