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B.C. Expropriation Compensation Board to be dissolved by year end
March 22, 2005
In a press release issued today, the British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General announced that the B.C. Supreme Court will now be the forum for resolving expropriation compensation disputes. Recent amendments to the Expropriation Act came into force on March 18th.

The amendments provide for dissolution of the Expropriation Compensation Board and transfer of the Board's jurisdiction over expropriation compensation and related matters to the Supreme Court. The press release states that these amendments do not affect the rights or remedies of expropriating authorities or landowners.

The Board will be able to finalize matters that are currently in-progress until December 31, 2005. However, persons who have filed claims with the Board but who do not have hearings in progress will be able to transfer their cases to the Supreme Court. Commencing March 18th, all new claims must be initiated in the Supreme Court.

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