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G8 Summit compensation policy announced
June 8, 2002
The federal government has published a compensation policy intended to deal with claims expected to result from the security measures being planned for the G8 Summit conference June 25-28, 2002 in Kananaskis, Alberta. The policy is currently available on the Public Works and Government Services Canada website at www.pwgsc.gc.ca/text/g8/index-e.html.

The G8 Summit is a conference of world leaders. Based on the experience gained from similar conferences held during the past few years in Vancouver, Quebec City and Seattle, security officials are likely to implement a number of measures that will interfere with the normal activities of private persons, particularly those who live and work close to the conference site.

The compensation policy clearly states that the policy is not mandated by law and contains many restrictions on eligibility. However, it appears to be aimed primarily at businesses located within a security zone to be established around the sites where the conference will be held.

In a separate development, Transport Canada has just given notice of airspace restrictions that will apply to a zone within a radius of approximately 200 km centered at Kananaskis. These restrictions will also lead to more than a dozen airport closures inside this zone during the period June 25-28. Curiously, while Transport Canada has provided a helpful link from its website to the G8 compensation policy, it appears unlikely that the policy will benefit many businesses operating from these airports. The G8 Summit airspace restrictions are described in more detail from the Transport Canada webpage at www.tc.gc.ca/majorissues/G8.htm.

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