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Rapid growth in TELC site visits now documented
March 4, 2001
On November 19, 2000 we reported on TELC's move to the new Canadian domain name, "expropriationlaw.ca". The news item was titled "expropriationlaw.ca".

When the item was published, TELC predicted strong growth in visits to the website. We are pleased to report today that the growth predicted has indeed taken place. A new Site visit statistics page has now been published which shows the results that we have measured during the first three full months since the new domain name was adopted.

One of the reasons for the strong growth is that most of the major Internet search engines have now indexed the TELC website. More importantly, TELC appears in the top five ranking on the keyword "expropriation" in most of them. TELC's research department keeps on top of these things on a regular basis. By the end of February 2001, TELC had verified 26 search engines listing TELC in the top five hits. This means that a link to the TELC website is displayed on the first page of a visitor's results screen almost every time a search is performed for "expropriation".

Needless to say, TELC is very pleased with these results. TELC is the obvious location for anyone seeking information about expropriation in Canada. It is also the obvious location for any expropriation professionals or other businesses wishing to promote their services to an audience eager for information about expropriation. The Site visit statistics page will be kept up to date as additional data is collected. Information about advertising on TELC is available from the Advertising page.

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