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Detailed route hearing process now underway for Trans Mountain Expansion Project
October 4, 2017
Although the Trans Mountain Expansion Project received a Certificate from the National Energy Board in December 2016 authorizing the project as a whole, a complex process to establish the specific properties that are required to construct the pipeline is now underway. The Trans Mountain Expansion Project is a proposed oil pipeline that will twin the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline system which runs from Edmonton to Burnaby.

For administrative convenience the proponent has separated the properties to be acquired into seven segments. Segment 1 is located at the northeastern end of the pipeline near Edmonton while Segment 7 includes the southwestern portion ending at Burnaby. Property owners from whom land is required in all segments have now been served with formal notices required by the National Energy Board Act.

After notices were served the Board received a total of 452 Notices of Objection from owners claiming to have an interest in the project. The Board is required to review these Notices to determine which persons have sufficient interest in the project to be entitled to a public hearing. Regarding Segments 1 and 2 the Board approved 28 out of 31 applications for public hearing. A Hearing Order for Segments 1 and 2 was issued on August 31, 2017. The Board has also approved 28 out of 135 applications for Segment 7. A Hearing Order for Segment 7 was issued on October 4, 2017.

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