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Bison Pipeline Project
In 2002 the Bison Pipeline project was a proposed 500 km insulated pipeline designed to carry bitumen from the Alberta oil sands near Fort McMurray to Edmonton. The proponent, Bison Pipeline Ltd., was a subsidiary of B.C. Gas Inc. Bison operated a website with the URL www.bisonpipeline.com. When we reviewed the contents of the website on December 29, 2002, a good deal of information was available. The website is no longer in operation and the name Bison Pipeline is now associated with a natural gas pipeline located in the United States that commenced operation in 2011.

When the website was operating ExLaw was particularly fascinated by the information found in several information sheets. Although they were prepared specifically for the 2002 pipeline proposal, much of the information could apply to other pipeline projects so we thought they would be of interest to ExLaw visitors. The information sheets have been archived to ensure they remain available for viewing. Click on the links below to view.

Bison Pipeline fact sheets File size
Public disclosure document 638 KB
Project overview 92 KB
Construction fact sheet 180 KB
Pumpstation fact sheet 82 KB
Landowner fact sheet 118 KB
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