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Report on Expropriation
Law Reform Commission of Canada
The Law Reform Commission of Canada produced a report on federal expropriation law in 1976. In 1975, prior to releasing its final report, the Commission published a working paper to support a request for public comments. Although a new federal expropriation statute had been enacted in 1970 this report contained numerous recommendations for additional law reform. The working paper and the final report are available in both English and French. The reports can be accessed using the links below. The reports are also available from the Internet Archive.

The Law Reform Commission of Canada was established by legislation in 1971 as a permanent body to keep the laws of Canada under continuing and systematic review. However the Commission ceased operations in 1992 and was formally dissolved in 1993. A new federal law reform agency known as the Law Commission of Canada was established by legislation in 1997. This Commission ceased operations in 2006. No further studies of federal expropriation law appear to have been pursued since the 1976 report was released.

Working paper 9 Document de travail 9
Report on Expropriation Rapport sur L'Expropriation
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