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Record no. 1076
Case name: Canadian Pacific Railway Co. v. Vancouver (City)
Date: 2006-02-23
Jurisdiction: Canada - Federal
Court: Supreme Court of Canada
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Parties: Name   Appearing as
  Canadian Pacific Railway Company   Appellant
  Vancouver (City)   Respondent
  British Columbia Chamber of Commerce   Intervenor
  British Columbia Real Estate Association   Intervenor
  Business Council of British Columbia   Intervenor
  Canadian Home Builders' Association of British Columbia   Intervenor
  Council of Tourism Associations of British Columbia   Intervenor
  Mining Association of British Columbia   Intervenor
  New Car Dealers Association of British Columbia   Intervenor
  Retail Council of Canada   Intervenor
  Urban Development Institute (Pacific Region)   Intervenor
  Urban Development Institute of Canada   Intervenor
Before: Decision maker Title
Abella, Rosalie Silberman J.
  Bastarache, Michel J.
  Binnie, William Ian Corneil J.
  LeBel, Louis J.
  McLachlin, Beverley Marion C.J.C.
Lawyers: Name   Appearing for
  Kenward, Peter H.   Appellant
  Horne, Susan B.   Respondent
  Macintosh, George K.   Respondent
  van Ert, Gib   Intervenor
  Voith, Peter G.   Intervenor
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Decision: Appeal by Canadian Pacific Railway from a successful appeal by the Respondent City of Vancouver of a trial court decision holding that an Official Development Plan bylaw of the City of Vancouver was ultra vires. The bylaw in question purported to restrict use of the Appellant's land. The subject property was a former rail corridor located in the City of Vancouver. The Appellant alleged that enactment of the bylaw by the Respondent amounted to constructive expropriation. However, it was held that the Vancouver Charter, S.B.C. 1953, c. 55, expressly permitted the Respondent to enact the bylaw without liability for constructive expropriation. The appeal was dismissed with costs.
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Neutral citation: 2006 SCC 5
ExLaw citation: [2006] EXLAW 301
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