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Photo gallery - Glenmore Trail upgrade
Introduction: These photos illustrate some of the impacts to adjacent property caused by construction of a grade-separated highway interchange in Calgary, Alberta. Phil's Restaurant was constructed at this location adjacent to Glenmore Trail SW in 1966. In 2006 the nearby intersection at Glenmore Trail and Elbow Drive was upgraded to provide a fully grade-separated interchange. During construction of the interchange vehicle access from Glenmore Trail to the restaurant was severely restricted. The restaurant continued to operate during construction and after the new interchange went into service.
Location: Calgary, Alberta

May 2006

Construction phase

1 Looking west along the property line which separates the restaurant property from the right of way for Glenmore Trail. Before construction Glenmore Trail was located immediately adjacent to this property. However, at the time the photo was taken traffic had been diverted and this portion of the Trail had been excavated. Temporary fencing has been installed along the boundary to prevent pedestrian access from the restaurant property to the construction site.

A portion of 7 Street SW is visible in the foreground. Before construction this street provided vehicle access from Glenmore Trail to the restaurant's customer parking lot. However this access route has been cut-off and terminates behind the temporary construction fencing. Alternate access to the parking lot from the rear was still available. The parking lot is visible to the left of the restaurant sign.
2 Looking north along 7 Street SW towards the former intersection with Glenmore Trail which is visible behind the construction fencing. This street is adjacent to the east boundary of the restaurant property and previously provided access to the customer parking lot from Glenmore Trail. Alternate access to the parking lot from a street at the south side of the restaurant was still available.
3 Looking east along the former alignment of Glenmore Trail adjacent to the restaurant property. This route became an eastbound highway access ramp after construction was completed. Temporary construction fencing has been erected along the north boundary line in front of the restaurant.
4 View looking east on 67 Avenue SW at the intersection with 7 Street SW which is located a short distance south of the Phil's Restaurant property. This street provides alternate access to the customer parking lot.
5 Close up view of temporary redirection sign aimed at drivers eastbound on 67 Avenue approaching the intersection with 7 Street SW.

October 2016

In service ten years later

6 Looking east along the new frontage road adjacent to the north side of the restaurant property. The restaurant building does not appear to have been altered from its configuration before highway construction. However, a sidewalk and fencing has replaced the hedge that was previously located along the north property boundary.
7 Here is the new sidewalk that was constructed in front of the restaurant. Also visible is the restored connection to 7 Street SW which provides access to the customer parking lot.
8 Looking west along the boundary between Phil's Restaurant and the new frontage road.
9 Restored 7 Street SW access to the Phil's Restaurant customer parking lot from the new frontage road that replaced Glenmore Trail. This view is similar to the view shown during the construction phase in Photo 2.
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