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American property owner groups
  • Castle Coalition

    National citizens group. Fights use of eminent domain for the benefit of private parties.

  • American Stewards of Liberty

    Texas based lobby group interested in property rights issues. Very professional looking website.

  • National Association of Reversionary Property Owners (NARPO)

    Non-profit foundation based in Bellevue, WA interested in the reversionary rights of owners whose property is encumbered by railroad easements. In America, these easements often revert to the adjacent land owner upon abandonment of railroad operations. However, these interests compete with public demand for other uses such as fibre optic lines and rails-to-trails conversion.

  • Oregonians in Action

    Oregon based property owners group. The OIA's emphasis is on regulatory takings. It pursues its objectives through education, litigation and legislation.

  • Pennsylvania Landowners Association

    Pennsylvania property owners group founded in 1987. Objective of the organization is to educate Pennsylvania landowners about a threat to property rights posed by "extreme environmental philosophy".

  • Virginia Property Rights Coalition

    Virginia property owners group. Emphasis is on proposals for reform of expropriation (eminent domain) law in Virginia. Contains some interesting articles and links to materials illustrating the public debate on this issue.

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