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Record no. 2173
Case name: 747926 Ontario Ltd. v. Wellington (County) Board of Education
Date: 1999-10-26
Jurisdiction: Canada - Ontario
Court: Municipal Board
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Parties: Name   Appearing as
  747926 Ontario Limited   Claimant
  Realty Group Corporation   Claimant
  Wellington (County) Board of Education   Respondent
Before: Decision maker Designation
Krushelnicki, Bruce W. Member
Lawyers: Name   Appearing for
  Doherty, John S.B.   Claimant
  Somerville, Marc J.   Claimant
  McCrea, Fiona Merle   Respondent
  Norris, Robin-Lee Anne   Respondent
Experts: Name Occupation Appearing for
  Smith, Lawrence B. Economist Claimant
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Decision: Application to the Ontario Municipal Board for determination of compensation payable following an expropriation conducted pursuant to the Expropriations Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. E.26. Partial taking of a 7.86 ac. parcel of land located in Guelph. The subject property was taken for school purposes. The Board awarded $2,478,000 as compensation.
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  [2000] EXLAW 20 Ont. SCJ Div. 2000-10-05
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Neutral citation: N/A
ExLaw citation: [1999] EXLAW 18
Parallel citations: (1999) 68 L.C.R. 109
  [1999] O.M.B.D. 1205
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