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The Expropriation Law Centre (a.k.a. ExLaw) has been online since 2000. ExLaw was developed by J. Bruce Melville, a lawyer based in Surrey, British Columbia.

ExLaw's objective is to provide a comprehensive and readily accessible source of information about Canadian expropriation law and practice and the professionals who work in this field. The content is intended to inform and to stimulate discussion about the expropriation process and determination of compensation. Some of the content is quite technical and will be of interest mainly to expropriation professionals. Other content is aimed at a broader audience. So far as ExLaw has been able to determine there are no other websites providing the level of coverage of Canadian expropriation law that you will find on this website.

Another ExLaw objective is to provide a forum to introduce Canadian expropriation professionals to each other and to introduce them to people who require their services. Expropriation is a narrow area of expertise. Before this website was established there was very little information available to the public to identify the people who work in this field. ExLaw takes advantage of the Internet to make this possible.

As an expropriation professional who has been engaged in this field since 1983, Mr. Melville has gained an extensive knowledge of the subject which is reflected in the material that he continues to contribute to ExLaw. Mr. Melville can be reached at the law firm of Peterson Stark Scott by e-mail to jbm@psslaw.ca.

ExLaw is operated by Dicta Legal Services Ltd. Except where otherwise acknowledged, the copyright to all material published on ExLaw is held by Dicta Legal Services Ltd. Requests for permission to reproduce should be directed by e-mail to publisher@expropriation.ca.

ExLaw's primary Internet address is: expropriation.ca. However, the website may also be found at these additional addresses: bcexpropriationlaw.ca, bcexpropriationlaw.com, bcexpropriationlaw.info, bcexpropriationlaw.net, bcexpropriationlaw.org, exlaw.ca, exlaw.info, exlaw.org, expropriate.ca, expropriate.info, expropriate.net, expropriation.lawyer, expropriation.legal, expropriation.org, expropriation-lawyer.com, expropriationlaw.ca, expropriationlaw.info, expropriationlaw.net, expropriationlaw.org, expropriationlawyers.ca, expropriationlawyers.info, expropriationlawyers.net, expropriationlawyers.org, landcompensation.ca, landcompensation.info, landcompensation.net and landcompensation.org.

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