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Case law collection
The ExLaw case law collection consists of reasons for decision produced by arbitrators, courts and administrative tribunals dealing with expropriation and other land compensation matters. The following tables provide a breakdown of the collection by jurisdiction and by decision making body.
    Jurisdiction Decisions  
    Alberta 553  
    British Columbia 1102  
    Federal 288  
    Manitoba 41  
    New Brunswick 11  
    Newfoundland 2  
    Newfoundland and Labrador 7  
    Nova Scotia 110  
    Ontario 456  
    Prince Edward Island 14  
    Quebec 1  
    Saskatchewan 99  
    Yukon 2  
  United Kingdom
    United Kingdom 2  
  Total 2688  
  Decision making body Decisions  
  Arbitration 63  
  Board of Public Utility Commissioners 2  
  County Court 22  
  Court of Appeal 456  
  Court of Justice (General Division) Divisional Court 2  
  Court of Queen's Bench 130  
  District Court 25  
  Exchequer Court of Canada 31  
  Expropriation Compensation Board 297  
  Expropriations Compensation Board 5  
  Federal Court 11  
  Federal Court - Appeal Division 19  
  Federal Court - Trial Division 78  
  Federal Court of Appeal 7  
  Inquiry proceeding 5  
  Judicial Committee of the Privy Council 2  
  Land Compensation Board 572  
  Land Value Appraisal Commission 17  
  Mediation & Arbitration Board 16  
  Municipal Board 52  
  National Energy Board Pipeline Arbitration Committee 8  
  Property Compensation Board 4  
  Provincial Court 2  
  Public Utilities Board 1  
  Superior Court of Justice 14  
  Superior Court of Justice - Divisional Court 8  
  Supreme Court 465  
  Supreme Court (Full Court) 3  
  Supreme Court - Appeal Division 4  
  Supreme Court - Appellate Division 8  
  Supreme Court - Full Court 6  
  Supreme Court - High Court of Justice - Divisional Court 38  
  Supreme Court - In Banco 4  
  Supreme Court - Trial Division 12  
  Supreme Court of Canada 129  
  Supreme Court of Ontario - High Court of Justice 16  
  Supreme Court of Ontario - Taxing Office 22  
  Supreme Court, Court of Appeal 6  
  Supreme Court, Trial Division 3  
  Surface Rights Board 57  
  Tax Appeal Board 2  
  Tax Court of Canada 3  
  Territorial Court 1  
  Utility and Review Board 60  
  Total 2688  
Digests are available for all of the decisions in the collection. The digests consist of original content produced by ExLaw including, where available, the case name, date, court or tribunal name, decision makers, lawyers, expert witnesses, case elements, links to related decisions and a summary of the decision. Copyright in the digests is held by Dicta Legal Services Ltd.(dba Expropriation Law Centre). The reasons for decision are the text of original decisions released by the court or tribunal and edited for accuracy where required. No copyright is claimed for the latter materials. Suggestions for additions to the case law collection should be sent to publisher@expropriation.ca
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