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Glenmore Trail upgrade
Calgary, Alberta
These photos illustrate the impact to a commercial property caused by construction of a grade-separated highway interchange in Calgary. Phil's Restaurant was constructed at this location adjacent to Glenmore Trail SW in 1966. However, to accommodate an upgrade to Glenmore Trail in 2006 vehicle and pedestrian access from Glenmore Trail was severely restricted. Nevertheless the restaurant was still in operation at the time these photos were taken in May 2006.
Looking west along the restaurant property boundary. A street that lies adjacent to the eastern boundary of the restaurant is visible in the foreground (7 Street SW). However the street has been terminated behind temporary construction fencing. The customer parking lot is visible to the left of the restaurant sign.
Looking north along 7 Street SW which is adjacent to the east boundary of the restaurant property and provides driveway access to the customer parking lot. Excavation and construction fencing leave this street with a dead end at the former intersection with Glenmore Trail. A street sign indicating "Glemnore Tr" is visible above the Stop sign.
Looking east. Temporary construction fencing extends in front of the restaurant.
View looking east on 67 Avenue SW at the intersection with 7 Street SW. This intersection is located a short distance south east of Phil's Restaurant.
Close up view of temporary redirection sign.
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