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David Avenue upgrade
Coquitlam, British Columbia
In 2005 construction commenced on a new section of David Avenue in Coquitlam, British Columbia. The new section was designed to connect three discontinuous sections of the existing street.

Portions of the new street bordered on existing developed single family residential properties. The proximity of the street to residential properties raised issues about sound impacts and loss of privacy. In anticipation of these impacts the project incorporated concrete fencing adjacent to the residential properties.

March 2006

These photos were taken while construction was underway.

Looking east on the future David Ave. from a point east of Pipeline Road. Three single family dwellings can be seen to the left of the David Ave. construction site. These dwellings obtained access from other streets and did not require access from David Ave. Concrete fencing has been installed on both sides of the new street which will provide a sound and visual barrier from traffic.
Looking eastbound on David Ave. from the Coquitlam River bridge. This section contains additional concrete fencing and a substantial retaining wall on the north side.
Looking westbound on David Ave. at Shaughnessy Street
Reconstructed fence and gate at corner of Shaughnessy and David

December 2014

These photos show David Avenue about eight years after construction was completed.

Looking east on David Ave. from a point east of Pipeline Road.
Looking east on David Ave. from a point further east. Mature landscaping is visible in the median barrier.
Looking east on David Ave. from the Coquitlam River Bridge.
Looking west on David Ave. from the intersection with Shaughnessy Street.
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