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Median barriers
Surrey, British Columbia
These photos illustrate a portion of Fraser Highway in Surrey, British Columbia. The photos were taken in 2006 shortly after the highway was upgraded. A significant feature of the upgraded highway is the inclusion of a median barrier that prevents left turn access to adjacent properties.
Looking south-east along Fraser Highway from 152nd Street. A median barrier is plainly visible. The barrier has been planted with shrubs and trees. Note the entrance to a shopping centre on the right-hand side behind the 60 km speed limit sign. DSC02228B.JPG
This photo has been taken from the shopping centre property looking north towards Fraser Highway. Note the sign placed on the median barrier facing drivers exiting from the shopping centre indicating that all traffic entering Fraser Highway must turn right. DSC02227B.JPG
Right-turn only sign placed on the median barrier visible to traffic entering Fraser Highway. DSC02231B.JPG
Here is another right-in right-out driveway from the same shopping centre to 152nd Street. A median barrier is also plainly visible on 152nd Street. South-bound traffic on 152nd Street cannot enter the shopping centre at this point. DSC02232B.JPG
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