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Report on Expropriation
Law Reform Commission of British Columbia
In 1971, the Law Reform Commission of British Columbia released a lengthy report into the law of expropriation in British Columbia. The report contained numerous recommendations for law reform. Many of the recommendations were incorporated into the Expropriation Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 125, which came into force many years later on December 24, 1987. Although dated now, this report continues to provide useful insight into policies that underlie the Expropriation Act. It has been cited frequently in numerous expropriation decisions released since 1987.

The British Columbia Law Reform Commission no longer exists, its funding having terminated in 1997. However a new privately funded non-profit organization, the British Columbia Law Institute, was created to take up a similar role. The Law Institute acquired the entire collection of Law Reform Commission publications, many of which are available from the Law Institute website. The Law Institute website is located at www.bcli.org. A link to the Report on Expropriation is also available below.

Report on Expropriation
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