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Canadian property owner groups
  • Alberta Landowners Council

    This organization and its website were established in 2011 to inform Albertans about proposed provincial legislation affecting land use known at the time as Bills 19, 24, 36 and 50. This website was still operating when viewed by Exlaw on March 6, 2016. However, the website consisted of a single page with no substantive content visible.

  • Alberta Surface Rights Federation

    Property rights organization established in 1981. Deals mainly with land owner concerns arising from oil and gas development.

  • CAEPLA (Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations)

    Association of Canadian landowners who have a direct interest in the relationship between landowners and the energy industry. This organization has offices in Calgary and Regina.

  • CCF (Canadian Constitution Foundation)

    A registered charity that defends the constitutional rights and freedoms of Canadians in the courts of law and public opinion. The organization has an office in Calgary.

  • Glengarry Landowners' Association

    Rural property owners association based in Eastern Ontario

  • Grassroots Alberta Landowners Association

    This website states that the purpose of Grassroots Alberta is to advance the interests of Alberta landowners by ensuring that legislators, members of the media and ordinary citizens come to a better understanding of the relationship between property rights, human rights, economic performance and a civil society.

  • Land Over Landings

    Volunteer group that advocates for preservation of the Pickering Airport lands for agricultural use

  • Law of the Lands - Farm, Energy and Enviro Law

    Ontario lawyer's blog

  • Ontario Landowners Association

    Rural property owners association based in Huntsville, Ontario

  • O.P.E.R.A. (Ontario Property and Environmental Rights Alliance)

    Ontario property owner's group organized in 1994 which seeks to protest regulatory erosion of citizen rights in private land ownership

  • Pekisko Group

    Land owners group focused on development and land use planning issues based in Pekisko, Alberta

  • Pipeline Observer

    This Twitter page tracks pipeline news, industry, events and facilitates pipeline discussion.

  • RETA (Responsible Electricity Transmission for Alberta)

    RETA opposes the construction of new above ground high voltage transmission lines near homes and schools.

  • StopHydroBullies.ca

    This website supports land owners opposed to Manitoba Hydro land acquisition policies for the BiPole III electric transmission line project.

  • Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

    Property owners association based in Delta, British Columbia. This website contains a substantial amount of information, much of it pertaining to the South Fraser Perimeter Road, a highway that now runs through the neighbourhood.

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